Redirecting The Immune System to The Lungs?

An interesting article caught my eye today. Researchers at the Trudeau Institute while looking for ways to fight against influenza have taken some steps to find out how the body directs its virus fighting white blood cells.

If they find out how to direct these essential defenders to the lungs it is proposed that you have a much greater chance at fending off sickness that starts in the throat and lungs such as the flu. This if course could have serious ramifications to all sorts of other uses if they know how to direct immune traffic to where it is needed most for a variety of injuries, sicknesses and conditions.

It may also help in lung detoxification if you could direct more traffic to help cleanse the lungs faster …. an interesting development. Full story linked below:

Directing Immune Traffic: Signposts to the Lung

In the meantime, just having a strong immune system and healthy body will have to suffice!