Customer Correspondence – Anxiety, Coughing up Black Gunk

I know the next post was supposed to be about ‘Situational Smoking,’ but I just wanted to interrupt Bill to tell you about this first.  I received an email from a customer the other day which I’d like to share with those also doing a lung detox or those considering quitting smoking and cleaning up their lungs.  Some of you might find this sounds familiar.


Many thanks for the guide, it is most helpful in many areas.

I am having major panic attacks & anxiety...any ideas?

Also I am coughing up black/brown gunk & its most distressing,

how long will this last.

Both of these problems are fairly common when quitting smoking and cleaning your lungs of the tar and mucus that has built up there due to years of smoking. I responded to this email but thought I would summarize it here for other interested people.


Panic attacks and anxiety can be quite common when quitting smoking. This can be caused by some of the physical aspects of nicotine withdrawal, but the mental aspect of the addiction also plays a large part in these unwanted feelings.  This is the habit in your mind trying to get you to smoke again for the calming habitual action. While you can ask your doctor for some mild anti-anxiety medications to help you deal with this for the short period while you quit, these feelings do not usually last more than a few weeks at most. Also the black gunk he was coughing up may have made him anxious too, but this should not be the case.  It’s actually a good sign!

Black Gunk

This is actually a sign that your lung detoxification is working! The first part of cleaning out the lungs is getting rid of the easily removable mixture of tar and mucus that has built up in your lungs and bronchial tubes due to smoking. Using the methods in the complete lung detoxification guide you should get rid of this gunk quickly. While it is unpleasant, it does you no harm and only shows just how much horrible stuff there was in there … and there is more. This initial expulsion of tar usually lasts only a few days to a week, and then the effects tend to be less distressing.

A follow up email

Hi Mark,

thanks for the reply, i am just leaving work now so wont have e.amil again until

I have quit smoking now & will never smoke again i can assure you of that. 

I have read stress guide & any other would be great. Its just the insominia,

waking up in the middle of the night,panics during the day,it really is awful 

but I hope I will be ok in afew months.

Kind Regards,

If anyone is interested the i mentioned is called “Panic Away” and is one of the most popular guide on the net for this sort of thing. You can also get a few free chapters from thier site.

Visit The Panic Away Official Site

I hope that helps anyone else going through the same thing or wanting to know what to expect!

Mark Freeman