Super Immunity Review – 15 Things You Can Do To Supercharge Your Immune System

by William Renolds

Bring It All Together

In this age of seemingly endless information provided on millions of web pages, it’s unlikely that you have the time to seek out all the widely spread information that is available on improving the function of your immune system, let alone have the background knowledge to know what is accurate and what is nonsense.  What products like ‘Super Immunity – 15 Things You Can Do To Supercharge Your Immune System’ aim to do is to bring the best of this information together, link it in an understandable and accessible way, and then present it to you in a easily-digested format.  In this ‘Super Immunity’ review, we find that the product succeeds in doing this in a very satisfactory way.

Simple Changes – Big Impacts

The complete super immunity package offers you a myriad of simple, but highly effective changes you can make to your daily habits.  Each alone wouldn’t seem to have much effect on your immune function and energy levels, but acted on as a group, they hold the potential to bring about considerable improvements in your baseline metabolic function.  Some of these are anecdotes and old wives’ knowledge (those old wives really did know a thing or two!), others are personal lessons learned by the author, and yet more are quotes from other well-known authors’ works and products.  This could be considered either good or bad, depending the accuracy of the information once summarized, however it does appear to be well researched and qualified.

Launching into the moderate-length report which is the main thrust of the package, the text of this ebook is warm and inviting, from the welcoming letter to the personal anecdotes spread throughout the text.  The paragraphs are very short, with lots of spaces in the text.  This may make the text more readable, but has the negative effect of increasing the length of the document to 66 pages, where it could easily have fitted within 40 -50.  Not so good for the trees, if you were to print it out, but seeing this is an electronic product, this is a minor niggle.  The other option is to use the audio book version of the report that, at the time of writing this, was offered as a limited-time bonus.  The audio version has only minor differences from the text of the report, and the changes relate to making the information clearer in the audio format. It also allows you to rest your eyes or listen on an MP3 player such as an iPod which is the preferred medium for many.

The Super Immunity guide agrees on many aspects of increasing immune function, stress reduction, and general healthy living with our own ‘Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Series.’   However, as there are many and varied ways to work on improving your immune function, there is not a significant overlap in methods.  Each section of ‘Super Immunity’ – there are 15, naturally – outlines a problem or habit that may be inhibiting your immune function, explains the history and background behind the situation, and then offers generally simple and accessible ways to overcome said issue.  All in all, each subject is treated in a sensible manner, with interesting back-story, and useful factoids liberally sprinkled throughout.

I personally like that immune boosting supplements are left until point 15.  There are many other ways to improve your immune system that to just pop pills, and this is well treated in ‘Super Immunity.’  Instead, simple changes that anyone serious about improving their immune function and energy levels can instituteevery day are presented, from optimizing your sleep regime to what you eat, and how you eat it!

Value wise, ‘Super Immunity’ gives you the 66 page report, an audio recording of same that you can listen to in the car on the way to work, or on your mp3 player at the gym or at home, and as an added bonus, a report demystifying the often misunderstood topic of ‘Colon Cleansing.’

To Buy Or Not To Buy – That Is The Question

In my extensive research for ‘The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Series,’ I have seen many poorly researched and produced informational products.  I’m glad to say that during this super immunity review I found this is not one of them! So if you are looking for an informative, easily accessible and easy to follow guide to improving your immune system function and corresponding health levels, you would be well advised to add ‘Super Immunity – 15 Things You Can Do To Supercharge Your Immune System’ to your information collection, and to your audio playlist.

Thoroughly recommended.  Four & a half Stars!

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Redirecting The Immune System to The Lungs?

An interesting article caught my eye today. Researchers at the Trudeau Institute while looking for ways to fight against influenza have taken some steps to find out how the body directs its virus fighting white blood cells.

If they find out how to direct these essential defenders to the lungs it is proposed that you have a much greater chance at fending off sickness that starts in the throat and lungs such as the flu. This if course could have serious ramifications to all sorts of other uses if they know how to direct immune traffic to where it is needed most for a variety of injuries, sicknesses and conditions.

It may also help in lung detoxification if you could direct more traffic to help cleanse the lungs faster …. an interesting development. Full story linked below:

Directing Immune Traffic: Signposts to the Lung

In the meantime, just having a strong immune system and healthy body will have to suffice!

So You Quit Smoking To Save Your Lungs? – What’s The Next Step?

Nest Step After Quitting SmokingHello again my smoke-free readers (you have quit, right?).  The first thing most newly smoking-free people ask is; what do I do now to improve my health? Well our Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Series has many affordable and easy to follow activities to keep you smoke-free, and improving not only your lungs after quitting smoking,  but your overall health too, every day.

I’ve decided to drop you a freebee and give you a big hint toward improving your lung health, clearing them of tar, and generally helping your body as a whole recover from the damage done from years of smoking. There is a whole section on this in the Lung Detoxification Guide, but I’ll give you a taste of it here. And that is, your Immune System.

Now if you don’t know what your Immune System is, here’s a quick description. Your Immune System is a complex system of cell types in your body that undertake the task of defending you from the outside world, which far too often these days is going to cause you damage. Think of it as the ‘US defense forces’ of the body.  It will attack any foreign objects, including bacteria, fungi, and parasites, kill off cells that have been subverted by viruses, and help with the defense and repair of damaged organs, like your lungs. As the immune system is essential for accelerated lung detoxification, it makes sense to do as much as you can to boost it, and to get it into shape to help you heal the rest of your body as much as you can.

Focusing on Lung Detoxification, the Immune System is vitally important, and generally, if you’ve smoked for any considerable length of time – say more than a few months – your immune competency (how well your Immune System works) in the area of your lungs will be poor.  Just like your lungs, your bodies’ defense and repair mechanisms in and around your lungs have been poisoned by your habit, and needs all the help it can get to get back to the job of defending your recovering lung cells.

Your lungs have been coated in a thick layer of tar and mucus, depressing your immune system in the lungs, and poisoning the cells that are vital to your breathing.  Once that mucus and tar starts to break up and be removed by our Complete Lung Detoxification Guide step-by-step activities, foreign invaders can now reach those delicate, recovering lung cells.  If your Immune System is not ready to fight when they get there (once the physical barrier of tar and mucus is reduced) you will have an increased chance of developing lung infections.

So it’s clear that a strong Immune System is vitally important to better lung, and overall health.

Why don’t you try this Immune Boosting Smoothie, just one of the many foods recommended in the Complete Lung Detoxification Guide to help improve Immune function.  Try to use the freshest ingredients you can, but if you need to use  frozen fruit, it’s better than not making it at all, right?

Recipe for an Immune-boosting Smoothie

·2 cups milk or rice or soy beverage

·1 cup yoghurt (plain, nonfat)

·1 serving of a multinutrient supplement

·one banana, cut up

·1/2 cup blueberries

·1/2 cup each of your favorite fruit, (e.g., organic strawberries, papaya, mango)

·1 tbsp. flax oil or 2 tbsp. flaxseed meal (for additional fiber, if you don’t mind an even grainier texture, add 1 tbsp. or more of oat bran.)

·3 ounces tofu

·10 mg. zinc

·100 mcg. selenium (Brazil Nuts are a good source)

·50-100 IU vitamin E

·1 serving soy isolate powder (optional)

Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve immediately after blending while the mixture still has a bubbly milkshake-like consistency.

I hope you enjoy the smoothie as it will help your lungs after quitting smoking.

Until next time,

stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

~William Renolds