Step 1: Stop Smoking Cigarettes – Actually, It’s Not!

Is Step 1 Quitting Smoking?I am sure that 99.9% of attempts to stop smoking cigarettes – successful or not – start with a negative emotion. “What the hell am I doing to myself?” “These things are gonna kill me, I gotta give ’em up.” “Damn it was hard to walk up those stairs. I can barely breathe. I gotta quit the cigs.” Or something similar. Be it a revelation of lung damage, an angry vow, or a significant other’s ultimatum, nearly all decisions to quit and clean up your health focus on the negative aspects of nicotine dependence. Just look at the advertisements on TV; they are designed to scare you into quitting, no two ways about it.

Now don’t get me wrong; you need that critical impetus to quit and clean up your health. Sad thing is, most of us react more strongly in avoidance than we do to the draw of things that are good for us. That’s just human thinking. But if you make that negative, avoidance imperative your only motivation to quit, you are most likely doomed to failure. Why? Well it’s pretty obvious when you look at it.

Motivation fuel

When you try to motivate yourself to do something to improve your health, you are trying to enact a positive change. If you feed a positive change with negative fuel – such as all the doom and gloom of Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD and Cancer, it’s like putting the wrong sort of fuel in your car. It’ll go for a little while, but then it’ll seize. That’s what happens when you go back to smoking. Your Motivation Engine chokes and dies.

You need the right motivation fuel to keep you motivated, and that’s where Positive Forward Projection and Positive Mental Conditioning come in to play to help you stop smoking cigarettes.

Positive Forward Projection

To really keep the revs up in your Motivation Engine, you need good, positive fuel. One of the best positive fuels there is lies in Positive Forward Projection. You need to think of the goal in what you are doing, in this case giving up cigarettes forever, detoxing your lungs and being healthier, feeling better and living longer. All these outcomes are highly positive, really enjoyable, and what you actually want. These are the fuel you need to put into your motivation engine when you feel your power to stay off the cigarettes flagging – you know, those times when you are stressed, tired, pushed to your limits, and the siren song of the cigarettes is calling. You need to FOCUS on the positive outcomes of staying the course. You need to be AWARE that this is important, and KEEP DOING IT, no matter what. THAT is how you stay clear of the cancer sticks, and THAT is how you don’t fall into the tired/stressed/weak – need the comfort of cigarettes.

It’s sad but true that you actually use a limited form of positive forward projection to push yourself back towards nicotine dependence. When you are feeling tired, stressed and weak, you look at the comforting effects of your nicotine fix, focus on that, and ignore all the good reasons not to start puffing again. DON’T DO THIS. The price of that small puff of comfort is all the stuff you got angry about before you quit! Focus on the long term goal – health and long life. Be there for you kids, your partner – current or future – and stay the course. Something else that will help in this is general and targeted Positive Mental Conditioning.

Positive Mental Conditioning

Did you know that you are Mentally Conditioned every day? No? Well you are. We all are. It’s just those that REALIZE it is happening have the ability to do something about it. Sad thing is, most of it is negative. Advertising especially is guilty of this. They use repetitive mental conditioning to get you to buy stuff. But you can use Positive Mental Conditioning on yourself to improve your chances of staying quit and successfully cleaning your lungs. Positive Mental Conditioning can put you in a far more positive frame of mind. And when you are looking for the positive in your life, you find it. It also make it much easier for you to focus on your Positive Forward Projection.

So, a positive attitude is key to stop smoking cigarettes successfully, and following through on a full lung detox. If you spend the time getting in the right frame of mind before your quit day, you more than quadruple your chances of quitting smoking successfully and successfully detoxing your lungs. This is so important, that it’s one of the first things we say in each and every booklet of the Complete Lung Detoxification Guides series, and we have a whole booklet that gives you techniques to get positive and stay that way. Why don’t you head over to the sales page and check it out? It could be the most positive turning point in your life yet.

Until next time,

Stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

~William Renolds