Darwin Award: The Smoking Gun

After so many serious blog entries, I figured it was time to make just a little light of the subject of smoking.  Although what happened to the ‘victim’ of this Darwin Award story was no laughing matter, the lack of forethought by these drunken fellows is just short of amazing.   Smoking kills, never doubt it.

For those that have never heard of the Darwin Awards, they are the less than glamorous recognition of bizarre, thoughtless, and downright stupid things that people have done to remove themselves from the gene pool (either by death or removal of the ability to reproduce).

The Smoking Gun

Confirmed by Darwin

11 Feb 2001, New Jersey

Two drunks were goofing around, when one challenged the other to shoot him with cigarette butts “to see what it would feel like.”  His friend obligingly loaded an antique rifle with cigarette butts, place black powder behind the butts to make sure they left the barrel of the gun.  He then shot his friend from a distance of seven feet.  The projectiles penetrate the ribcage of the thirty-one-year-old who had issued the challenge, and he died of three cigarette butts to the heart.

The gene pool is in trouble!

Reference: WMAD 92.1 Madison, Wisconsin, ABC New, The Associated Press.

Ironically, this story happened in a town with the same name as an unfiltered British cigarette, and the shooter was nicknamed ‘Smokey.’  Too weird to believe?  Confirming details www.Darwinawards.com/book/cigarette.html

Reader Comments:

“More ammunition in the antismoking campaign.”

“Cigarettes are bad for your health.”

“It’s true – smoking kills.”

Until next time,

stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

William Renolds