Life After Cigarettes – The Social Impacts Of Quitting

Smoking – The Habit That’s Trendy To Hate

social life after quitting smokingMany smokers, before they quit, have related to me that while they were sitting outside having a puff, rather self-righteous people often came up to them telling them how bad their habit was for them.  Now despite the fact that this is accurate, there are quite a number of other societal ‘dependencies’ that don’t cop the same sort of vocal putdown. Take overweight people when they are eating a muffin while destroying their bodies with excess calories, or parents with more than two children for overpopulating the earth.  All these things are intrinsically bad for society as a whole, but only smoking is ‘fair game.’  And the only difference would be the 2nd hand smoke issue.

It’s just as hard for a smoker to quit as it is for a food addict to do so, but one is considered discrimination, and the other a valid target.

Now you might be wondering, ‘what the? – are you actually defending smokers?’ Well not exactly … I’m raising the ‘finger pointing’ attitude that society is developing in this day and age, and how some people’s weakness is targeted while other’s is conscientiously avoided.

Outside the bar or pub or workplace, the ‘designated smoking area’ is becoming the last bastion of the smoking holdout.  Smokers are herded together like social outcasts, sharing this chastised habit, and maybe even making new friends through a shared experience.  Thus a smoker can end up with more smoking friends than non-smoking, and this can make it very hard to quit, when you take into consideration the social effect of peer pressure (ironically the same pressure that probably got them to take up smoking in the first place).

But if you go all out and make the jump from smoker to lung health advocate, what then?

New Opportunities Await

So you took the plunge and quit.  That’s great, but now not only your chemical, but your social world is changing.  Sure you can hang out with your smoking friends, but you’d better not go outside with them when they go.  The temptation will be high, and the Situational Smoking Effect (see yesterday’s post) may well come into play.  But just like you made friends with smokers when you smoked, you can now make friends with those that used to indulge, but now are on their way to healthier lungs!  Just like you shared the lows of dependence, you can now share the burgeoning highs of those discovering life after dependence on nicotine.

And let’s face facts, it’s becoming a non-smoking world.  And after quitting, you’ll no longer need to slink off during a dinner for a puff, it will spell and end to those sideways glares from people in the street, and there will be no more comments from supposedly well-meaning individuals, who are sure their telling you what you were doing to yourself made all the difference!  Smoking was once hip, and you joined the hip crowd, but the world has woken up to the cigarette company’s poisons, attitudes have changed, and you’ve moved with the times.  Right?

Your Willpower Is Like A Muscle

I’ve been informed there is a new Quit Smoking advertisement on Australian television (I will post a video if it pops up online later).  It has the distinction of being the first POSITIVE add I believe they’ve EVER produced.

Your willpower is like a muscle; every cigarette you don’t smoke makes your willpower stronger.

It IS a good message.  It’s something that all those who have moved beyond smoking must do to stay clean, but the good news is, the more you resist, the easier it gets, and this is basically true.

But for most of us, it takes a little more than just willpower to make a successful Quit Attempt.  Our product, ‘The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide’ Series is designed to give you all the information, tools and tips you need to make your next Quit Attempt your last, and if you’ve already quit, great, we provide some really pertinent tips to keep you healthy and avoid relapse, and – as the title suggests- all the best information on all the best ways to get toxins and tar out of your lungs – fast.

1 More Day!

We are getting really close now to the release of the updated Guides for 2011!  Over the first six days of the New Year, we’ll have a series of New Year’s Resolution Lung Detox posts, all related to the new release and to starting the adventure to a healthier new you.  Check back tomorrow for the sixth and final topic in the series; Exercise In The New Year – Vital To A Successful Lung Detox.

Until tomorrow,

Happy New Year, stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

William Renolds

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  1. Posted by Michael Johnson on 05.01.11 at 11:07 pm

    You drive a hard bargain here with this post. However, I am not sure that comparing eating disorders to cigarette smoke and its affects on everyone who comes in contact with it is the same. Eating disorders only affect you. Cigarette smoke really is a silent killer. I did see that my friends look up to me now with a new found respect that I quit and I absolutely feel like I have a much stronger will power and control over my life since making the decision to stop smoking. I am 18 days strong cold turkey so far. I am certain if cigarettes go away people will turn to something else down the road that we will be fighting. Like adderoll

  2. Posted by Suzanne on 05.01.11 at 11:07 pm


    I was speaking with a friend about the ad: “Your willpower is like a muscle; every cigarette you don’t smoke makes your willpower stronger.”

    I found a version of it in case you were still looking for it:
    It’s only the 30sec version, the longer ad is better for hitting the message home, but this still gives people an idea of what you are referencing.


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