International Quit Smoking Day Rolls Around Again – May 30th

international quit smoking dayWhether you are new to the concept of a Lung Detox, or you have been dancing around the idea
of detoxifying your lungs and improving your health for some time now, May 30 th is your day.
But wait a minute, you say, that’s International Quit Smoking Day, not International Detox Your
Lungs Day, and you’d be quite correct in that assertion. However, the first step in any fruitful Lung
Detox program is to stop putting the tar and chemicals that are polluting your lungs in there, and
by quitting smoking, you are doing just that. And if you’ve quit already, well done, but you’re not
finished yet, and May 30th is a great time to make a move on that gunk that is still in your lungs. All
in all, May 30th is a great day to improve your lung health, and here’s why.

You’ll Never Quit Alone

Many people find the first step in a Lung Detox, the act of quitting and staying quit, a difficult
process. A lot of our customers have had several goes at quitting, and some have hand many quit
attempts. We’ve had a lot of feedback saying it’s hard to quit when others around you are smoking;
when you feel like you are taking that big step all alone. Well on May 30 th, you know for sure you
are NOT alone! There will be tens of thousands of people, all over the world, giving their lungs a
chance at health starting on that day. I know you should be one of them, and I’m pretty sure you
know it too.

Do Google searches in your area for International Quit Smoking Day events, rallies, support groups; if
you live in a big enough city, there’s bound to be something going on that you can join. Who knows,
while you are gaining support and that feeling that you are not quitting alone for a change, you
might just make some new friends that are ex-smokers. How good would that be? You can keep
each other off the smokes, and help motivate each other to clean up those messy lungs.

Quit Smoking Day Is Really Lung Health Day

So you’ve already quit, and it looks like this attempt will be a grand success. There’s nothing I’d
rather hear. So what can International Quit Smoking Day do to help someone in your situation?
Well, quitting is all about lung health, and if you’ve read any of our blog posts on our products, it
should be fairly clear to you that quitting isn’t the be all and end all – to really have healthy lungs
you either wait 10 years and hope that what’s still in there doesn’t cause cancer, or COPD or any
of a myriad of other diseases and complaints, or you do something about it, and get the tar and
chemicals out of your lungs ASAP! So International Quit Smoking Day is a great day to move forward
in your healthy lung journey, to take up the motivation to not only stay quit, but get that gunk out of
your lungs, and live a long and healthy life.

Whatever point you are at in your lung health improvement journey, our product, the Complete
Lung Detoxification Guide Series
, can help you along the healthy lung’s path. If you want to quit on
May 30th, we have a full booklet to help you develop the motivation to do so, and another one with
tips, methods, and information to give you a deep understanding of why you want to quit, and how

to go about it. Once you’ve thrown away your last packet of cigarettes, we have the Detox Guide to
help you clean up those lungs fast, and also a Stress Control and Reduction Guide to keep you calm
and quit. Whether you are quitting or cleaning up your lungs or both, International Quit Smoking
Day is your day for action!

So give it a go. You’ll won’t be alone.

Until next time,

stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

William Renolds

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