Shocking Video – Smokers Lungs Vs Healthy Lungs

While we do not want to discourage long term smokers from quitting, or to depress them about the realities of thier lungs this video must be shared.

It shows the stark difference between the lungs of a long term smoker and that of a healthy lung in regards to the capacity of the lungs.

If you feel short of breath you know why now …

So is this all bad news?


While you lungs may never get back to perfect health like the healthy ones in the video, much of that black gunk that is hardening your lungs can be removed over time as long as you do not smoke. The body works to remove this stuff, but it does take a long time to do if you are not taking significant actions to speed the process along.

A lung detox is the best way to really kick start this process and give you the best chance to turn those blackened lung back to a much healthier shade of pink!

For more information on this check out these blog posts/videos:

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Tar and Quitting Smoking Some Important Considerations

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Becoming My Wife’s Caregiver Equipped Me for the Future

Guest Post By Cameron Von St. James

MesotheliomaNovember 21st of 2005, I heard of malignant pleural mesothelioma for the first time in my life.  My daughter Lily was three months old and my wife, Heather had been feeling ill for several weeks.  When we took Heather to the doctor, we found out she had mesothelioma, a rare and extremely deadly form of cancer.  We felt our lives falling into a stream of chaos and I felt helpless as the doctor explained the serious nature of this type of cancer.  Without hesitation, I accepted the challenge to become my wife’s caregiver, and I knew I would have to do everything in my power to see that she got better.  I could not imagine my life without Heather and I was going to fight to support her and help her win this battle no matter what.

Our doctor listed our treatment options we had available to get Heather help and we chose a specialist in Boston.  While we also had two other options for treatment that were closer to home, we wanted Heather to have an experienced mesothelioma program that would give her the absolute best chance of survival possible.  This is why we chose Dr. Sugarbaker in Boston.  Upon hearing the choices for treatment, all I had to do was glance at my wife to see the stricken look on her face.  The realization of how serious and how much of a struggle this was going to be was quickly sinking in for both of us.  I told our doctor, “We need to get to Boston quickly!”

During the months following Heather’s mesothelioma diagnosis, our lives were completely hectic.  Previous to this time, we both had been working full time.  Heather could not work now, and my work hours were dramatically reduced to just part time.  Although we lost income and we gained new expenses, we were able to manage thanks to the help of an outpouring of love from a generous community.  Family members were also incredibly supportive of us in every way.  People volunteered to make meals, babysit for us and just be there to help us out in numerous ways.  The support and love that was bestowed on us by so many people made it possible for us to continue to get Heather treated without our household and our finances completely falling apart.

While we did receive a lot of support, there were also times when I was simply overwhelmed with all of the tasks before me.  I tried my best to stay strong for Heather, and for Lily; but I was also exhausted, worried and stressed.  There were occasions where I just collapsed and cried for a long time.  After I regained my composure, I knew I just had to keep moving on one day at a time. Heather went through a long series of treatments that were incredibly difficult on her, but she also remained strong and as positive as possible. I will forever be impressed by her strength and courage throughout this difficult time.
If anyone finds himself in a position where he is a caregiver for someone, I just want to stress the importance of taking help from people.  It is common for many people to try to handle everything on their own, but being a caregiver is also about accepting support when it is offered.  Not only will it help to make your load a bit lighter, it will also ripple throughout your family and to the one you are caring for.

It took several years for my life to get back to a steady and consistent routine.  Looking back now on what we went through, I am amazed at how well we met the challenge that faced us.  Even though at the time it did not feel like we were coping well, we managed to make it through each day to face the next one.  Despite the terrifying odds, Heather managed to beat mesothelioma.  It has been seven years since her heartbreaking diagnosis, and she remains cancer free and healthy to this day.

I went back to school to continue my education when Lily was two years old.  Through the process of being Heather’s caregiver, while also being a father and an employee, I learned I could handle much more than what I had previously thought.  This new realization about myself made me ambitious to take on more challenges.  I studied Information Technology, and when I graduated, I was the speaker for the graduation ceremony.  A few years earlier, sitting in a doctor’s office and hearing that my wife might only have months to live, I never would have imagined where my life could take me.  That was the theme of my speech that day, and Lily and her healthy, happy mother were in the audience to cheer me on.  Never give up hope, and never stop fighting for the ones you love.

More Evidence Smoking Destroys Your Lungs – Quit & Detox Now!

If all the warning you see and hear were not enough to make you consider quitting smoking, I found another extremely good image for the visual learners out there on what happens to your lungs after a long time smoking cigarettes. See below:

black unhealthy lungs


A perfectly healthy set of human lungs not abused by years of inhaling toxic cigarette smoke, tar and chemicals – and one that has. Black, bruised, falling apart, and whoever had that in their chest must have felt extremely poor for a LONG period of time as their lungs struggled to function under the strain of the sickness and pollution.

So no long post today – an image is worth a thousand words they say. Today’s image is 1000 words all saying QUIT SMOKING NOW!

A New Year, Lung Detox, And a New You

Opportunity For A Healthy Change, Or Same Old Same Old?

So here we are, a few weeks into 2013.  Has anything changed for you?  A new year is supposed to be brimming with new opportunities, isn’t it?  Have a quick look around.  See any?  If you do, congratulations, you are either very fortunate or are already working toward the sort of future you want.  But for the rest of us, we need to make some decisions and start working toward what we want.  And now we have the lucidity of being sober (compared to New Year’s Eve), and are over the holidays and back into our real lives, we should have the clarity of the everyday to make some lasting resolutions to create the sort of future we want.  Care to join me?



But How Do I Make The Future That I Want – Right Now?

It’s very important when thinking about the sort of future you want, that you actually visualize yourself, being the way you want to be, in that future.  This will give you a goal to aspire to, and when you are in the ‘lows,’ threatening to give it all in (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there), you can remember back to your vision of yourself being the way you want to be, and hang onto that goal.  That’s where you want to be.  That’s WHAT you want to be.  No one is going to get you there but you, because it’s your goal, so you have to do it.  And keeping that in mind, push through and keep going.

But there will be times that you falter, step off the path, slip back a bit.  There are very few of us that achieve exactly what we want without going through a bit of 2 steps forward, 1 back.  The important thing is what you do at those times.  Do you give up, having ‘failed’ somehow?  Do you distract yourself, by shopping, or drinking, or some other ‘comfort’ activity?  Whatever you do when you have this sort of breakdown on the road to your goals, ask yourself ‘Is what I am doing now getting me any closer to my goal?’  If the answer is ‘no,’ then you need to change what you are doing!  Next time you ‘step back,’ catch yourself wandering off to distract yourself, forgive yourself your weakness, and get back in the horse.  It’s the only way to get to where you want to be.

That is because the only place you can make any changes in your life is now.  Right now.  Now is all we have.  But if you visualize yourself in the future being the way you want to be, that future will eventually become your now, and you will ‘live into’ what you have created for yourself. However, you can’t ignore the simple fact that nothing worth doing is inherently easy.  Notice I added ‘inherently’ to that old platitude?  That’s because the things worth doing become a LOT easier and more achievable with access to the right information.  Information is power; the power to reach your goals and be the person you want to be.

Getting The Right Information Is Crucial

If you’ve quit smoking recently or plan/want to start down that road in the near future, then you will maximize your results with the right information;  that is, to stay quit and detoxify your lungs as quickly and safely as possible.  I always feel so fortunate that Mark Freeman and I have been able to research and gather the right, crucial information on this topic and are able to share it with you, at a great price when you consider how much you’d spend, even over a week, on the dreaded cigarettes.

Our flagship product, The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide Series is all about giving you the knowledge you need, and the preparation tips to maximize your chances of success. We do this with a straightforward lung detox and the tools necessary to stay quit, or a quit program and lung detox.  It’s all included.  Now the Guides themselves give you a wealth of information that will help make your Lung Detox quick and highly successful (several months rather than up to 10 years), as well as a mass of Quit help, Stress Reduction tips, and Motivation methods that should hold you in good stead as you create that new future and work your way into it.

So sit down, make some plans, and start creating that future you want for you, right now.  I wish you all the very best of good fortune in the endeavor!

Happy New Year, stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

William Renolds

Awesome Quit Smoking Video From Thailand

Its been a while since we last posted as we are working on some additions to the lung detoxification guide. We are also approaching the season where people often completely forget about quitting, or losing weight, or anything motivational because its Christmas time. We indulge in food and drink and parties, we see friends and families, and we wind down from work and the hustle of all this pushes us to forget about the dangers of smoking – or at least we think it is all too hard.

After New Year we will see a HUGE spike in people wanting to quit, but if you are now looking down the barrel of Christmas and thinking you can do it next year – well if you can do it now you will be much better off and will have a better Christmas as everyone will be in the Christmas spirit to give you a hand and encourage you i am certain!

To help you out, i had to show this amazingly awesome video from Thailand where they have spawned a viral sensation – take a look at how children can cause the most amazing reactions in smokers:

Pretty good right? Did you see some of them almost jump out of their skin as they realise what they just said as they continued smoking. So if you are thinking these things, imagine if a child came up to you asking for a light – how would you react? Would it help give you the motivation to quit?

Natural Lung Cleansing – Video

Can’t be bothered reading another article today?

Well check out this video we mae on natural lung cleansing that should get the idea across with a single mouse click


Leave us a comment if you have any questions or would like to add to the discussion!

Detox Your Lungs Fast – Video

More multimedia goodness today!

A video about how to detox your lungs fast to make sure you get rid of as much tar and toxins in the shortest space of time.

Opinions or comments?

Feel free to leave a message below.

International Quit Smoking Day Rolls Around Again – May 30th

international quit smoking dayWhether you are new to the concept of a Lung Detox, or you have been dancing around the idea
of detoxifying your lungs and improving your health for some time now, May 30 th is your day.
But wait a minute, you say, that’s International Quit Smoking Day, not International Detox Your
Lungs Day, and you’d be quite correct in that assertion. However, the first step in any fruitful Lung
Detox program is to stop putting the tar and chemicals that are polluting your lungs in there, and
by quitting smoking, you are doing just that. And if you’ve quit already, well done, but you’re not
finished yet, and May 30th is a great time to make a move on that gunk that is still in your lungs. All
in all, May 30th is a great day to improve your lung health, and here’s why.

You’ll Never Quit Alone

Many people find the first step in a Lung Detox, the act of quitting and staying quit, a difficult
process. A lot of our customers have had several goes at quitting, and some have hand many quit
attempts. We’ve had a lot of feedback saying it’s hard to quit when others around you are smoking;
when you feel like you are taking that big step all alone. Well on May 30 th, you know for sure you
are NOT alone! There will be tens of thousands of people, all over the world, giving their lungs a
chance at health starting on that day. I know you should be one of them, and I’m pretty sure you
know it too.

Do Google searches in your area for International Quit Smoking Day events, rallies, support groups; if
you live in a big enough city, there’s bound to be something going on that you can join. Who knows,
while you are gaining support and that feeling that you are not quitting alone for a change, you
might just make some new friends that are ex-smokers. How good would that be? You can keep
each other off the smokes, and help motivate each other to clean up those messy lungs.

Quit Smoking Day Is Really Lung Health Day

So you’ve already quit, and it looks like this attempt will be a grand success. There’s nothing I’d
rather hear. So what can International Quit Smoking Day do to help someone in your situation?
Well, quitting is all about lung health, and if you’ve read any of our blog posts on our products, it
should be fairly clear to you that quitting isn’t the be all and end all – to really have healthy lungs
you either wait 10 years and hope that what’s still in there doesn’t cause cancer, or COPD or any
of a myriad of other diseases and complaints, or you do something about it, and get the tar and
chemicals out of your lungs ASAP! So International Quit Smoking Day is a great day to move forward
in your healthy lung journey, to take up the motivation to not only stay quit, but get that gunk out of
your lungs, and live a long and healthy life.

Whatever point you are at in your lung health improvement journey, our product, the Complete
Lung Detoxification Guide Series
, can help you along the healthy lung’s path. If you want to quit on
May 30th, we have a full booklet to help you develop the motivation to do so, and another one with
tips, methods, and information to give you a deep understanding of why you want to quit, and how

to go about it. Once you’ve thrown away your last packet of cigarettes, we have the Detox Guide to
help you clean up those lungs fast, and also a Stress Control and Reduction Guide to keep you calm
and quit. Whether you are quitting or cleaning up your lungs or both, International Quit Smoking
Day is your day for action!

So give it a go. You’ll won’t be alone.

Until next time,

stay well, stay quit, and lung-toxin free.

William Renolds

Quitting Smoking and Lung Detoxification – Video

Another video article for those who prefer multimedia!

This one is on quitting smoking and its importance, as well as how this dovetails into lung detoxification.


Did that make sense to you?

Feel free to comment if you agree, have questions – or disagree!

What is a Lung Detox – Video

For those who hate long reams of text, or perhaps your eyes are just tired and need a break.

Here is a video we did to inform you about a lung detox and what it is!

Hope that explains it well!
Please leave a comment if you have any questions, or anything to add.